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Aussie Rallycross 
and the Original “Beast”! 
Harry Firth had two young charges and went about his business keeping them both busy.  While Bond concentrated on the rally XU1, a young and wild looking Brock got to put HDT’s original GTR through its paces at Rallycross. 

Rallycross was ideal motorsport for TV.  It was derived from the Brits who loved nothing better than to watch cars battle the mud and grime on the tellie.  I suppose, what else do you do on a wet and grey weekend?  Well that accounts for most of their weekends I suppose!  Accordingly, Channel 7 telecast half-day events from the old Catalina Park (this place would have reminded many of cold and wet days in the old dart) and Calder racetracks.  It was promoted as a sport for the whole family and provided a fun and cheap entry into motorsport for many budding (and established) drivers. 

In essence, it was a sports sedan event.  It successfully combined the torture of both dirt and tar surfaces with a healthy topping of deep-water crossings.  Many vehicles’ ignition was embarrassingly snuffed out in the middle of water crossings

The wild mountain man and his car in the mountains.  Katoomba was the place where Brocky tested HDT's suspension and body integrity. The sign says it all.

Old Harry Firth was determined to develop a special weapon for this event and over a period of time modified HDT’s old stock rally GTR into a wild looking custom-built rallycross racer.  Believe it or not, there were complaints about Holden Dealer Teams participation in this event.  Many saw the sport as an amateur event in which professional outfits like HDT should have ignored.  Nevertheless, Firth saw it as another opportunity to develop various aspects of his cars in real competition.  It certainly served to showcase young Peter’s driving skill to a generation of young petrol heads.
"These wings were meant for flying,
so thats what Brocky did!
One of these days these wings
are gona fly over you!" 

Brocks version of Nancy Sinatra's song.
The Beast Mark 1
Brock jumps a stock looking GTR through the water crossing at Calder.
Catalina Park placed this add in Australian Motoring News to promote family participation at Rallycross.
And to the victor go the spoils.  Another trophy to young Brock.
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The 1970 GTR was raced for half the Rallycross season with a stock engine and relatively few outward modifications except for the addition of a roof spoiler.  At the midseason point, the car took on a wild appearance.  Large side scoops on the B pillars, rear located radiator, blower bulge in the front bonnet and an exaggerated rear spoiler/radiator air scoop.  At one event the car arrived with double rear tyres just like your local Dodge tow truck. 

While HDT did not touch the bottom end of the motor, the 202 was then fitted with a blower.  While the supercharger boost was relatively mild according to HDT, it produced 260 BHP at the rear tyres and some 320 BHP at the flywheel.  This engine was very reliable and was not rebuilt during the season.  Apparently, they just topped up the Castrol GTX as you would in a road car. And yes, Brocky had to hose the car down between events.  We have to keep the mud off the sponsors mate! 

Brock was almost unbeatable in the Beast Mk1 and won many events.  Many will   remember that cars were individually started off handicaps.  There were many very different cars and some very accomplished drivers in opposition to Brock and HDT.  Some characters being: 

Barry Ferguson VW, Bruce Colliers Renault R8 Gordini, Dale Thompson’s MG Midget, Dave Morrows Datsun, Christine Cole Mini, Sue Ransom Escort, Gerd Kluvatesch Gordini, Peter Mill Bug Inn VW, George Shepherd XU1, Peter Tett Mini, Chris Heyer VW, Wild Bill Evens Cortina, Warwick Henderson Monaro, Graham Alexander EH, Peter Robinson Escort, Tony Roberts Gordini, Rodger Bonhomme Gordini, Gary Byne Mini, Helmet Goetz Dunsun 180B, and Doug Chivas. 
Obviously there were many more, in one Calder event in 1973 there was a total of 73 entries. 

HDT used several other notable drivers apart from Brock.  Colin Bond, Larry Perkins and Phil Brock all made appearances in the Beast. 

Remarkably, at times it looked just too easy for Brock to blast his way through the field to victory in event after event.  Who remembers the sideways action of the GTR coming off the dirt at Catalina onto the black stuff?  And the sound of the blown 202 around the top of the hill as it echoed around the park.  It was simply awesome!  As a teenager, it looked like the best fun you can have on four wheels.  I bet Brock had lots of fun on his way to winning his number one status.  He certainly entertained a legion of admiring fans on many a Sunday. 



Peter Tett's mini was involved in a very spectacular flip at Catalina and Channel 7 used the footage to promote Rallycross action nationally. However, poor Peter, only got this sardonic award for all his Mini inverting skills.

Wild B pillar scoops, wheel arch flairs, rear mounted radiators, huge mudflaps and scoops for radiator cooling certainly gave the GTR that beastly look.  The rear radiators served two purposes, they put more weight over the back wheels and prevented the radiator from being clogged with mud
A non standard steering wheel is in stark contrast with the gutted interior.  Keep the weight down said Harry.
Firth relocated the engine well back in the chassis in the interests of better weight distribution.  This relatively stock engine was good for at least 260 bhp at the rear.  Putting this power down was the fun bit for Brock.
What a VW bug win? 
Yes quite an effective 
package at rallycross.

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