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What's Brocky doing in his retirement? - 1997 - 2003

Well he hasn't been sitting on his laurels.

He has been keeping busy with many projects. Some of which are listed below.

Peter Brocks Retirement

  • Commercials Mobil One
  • Comercials Bridgestone Donuts
  • Commercials Holden
  • Info-TV Police, Camera, Action (Presenter T.V.Show)
  • Motor Shows
  • Commentating
  • CD Brock's Favourite Driving Songs
  • Watching his son James win at Bathurst
  • Signing Fans Memorabilia
  • Charity Dinners
  • Team Jackaroo
  • The Peter Brock Foundation


Brock Foundation
Bridgestone Tyre Centres and The Peter Brock Foundation have been working closely together to raise funds to provide LEUKAEMIA FOUNDATION CARS used to transport sick kids to and from treatment.
BridgeStone Tyre Centres

The '99 breakfasts advertised on this website were a great success
Thank You to Bridgstone for presenting The Peter Brock Foundation Breakfasts.

Peter was selected as a torch bearer for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games at Mount Panarama Bathurst N.S.W.  2nd September 2000.
Click here for more images of Brocky and friends with the torch 
  •  Brocky also participated in the Mentor program at the Olympic Games. His job was to keep up the spirits of the competitors, inspire and urge them on. He did a great job according to Michael Diamond
  • 2001 Targa Tasmania Peter with James as navigator emerged 40th driving a V8 Holden Ute.
    The Brocks previously contested Targa two years ago in a 1973 Holden Torana XU-1, but crashed out on the final day.
  • 2002 Targa Tasmania was re-visited in new Holden Monaro and was placed in sixth position.
  • 2002 Team Brock debuted. Brocky being team manager
  • 2002 The King returns to his Mountain to challenge for that elusive number 10
  • 2003 Nations Cup at AGP - 05 Just Car Insurance Monaro - 4 out 4 wins
  • 2003 Nations Cup at Simmons Plains - placed 6th overall.
    Brocky announces he will come out of retirement to drive new 05 Monaro in the Nations Cup rounds.
  • 2003 April Launch of the new 'Brock' magazine.

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